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About Us

Founded by a team of meditation teachers, businesspeople, and industry experts, was created to help deliver the benefits of meditation to businesses and the new work-from-home world.


Corporate leaders increasingly understand the benefits that even small amounts of meditation can bring to employee mental well being and overall worker happiness.


We work with CEOs, team leaders and HR heads to define meditation programs that can fit easily into office or work-from-home environments.  Our popular monthly subscription service, for example, fits well into any employee benefits program.


We serve companies in all major industries, including finance, investment, real-estate, media, software, fashion, retail, and more.


Finally, we embrace the notion of community and meditation. There is something very powerful about sitting in meditation with others, even on Zoom. It is a subtle feeling that is hard to put into words (try it!).  That good feeling can carry out into the community at large, helping to create a world of equanimity and kindness.

Meet Our Team

Why meditate?

Meditation has been around for thousands of years and has stood the test of time as a way to quiet the mind, feel good, and enhance enjoyment of life. is committed to bringing a full range of meditation techniques to marketworking people. There is no one right way to meditate; and above all, meditation is simple and easy to get started with. We don’t need years of education and training to meditate. If you can close your eyes, breathe, and sit somewhere – you can meditate.


Meditation is a set of techniques derived from experience over thousands of years that calms and settles “noisy” minds; the relentless chatter inside our heads that can unsettle us, make us anxious, depressed, fearful of future events, and unwell.


Meditation is not a religion, just a set of techniques; it can be practiced easily alongside any faith tradition. It can be practiced by young and old. It is particularly of value to professionals office workewho spend lots of time behind computers.


Benefits of meditation include :

Greater ability to focus 
Reduced stress
Pain relief
Greater sense of well-being and calm
Enhanced ability to handle the ups and downs of life with ease and equanimity
Improved appreciation of all that is good in life, including friends, family, nature and kind behavior
Better emotional health
Longer attention span
Improved sleep
Reduced blood pressure​

Live longer? 

Research suggests that meditation lengthens our telomeres, the protective caps at the end of our chromosomes. Longer telomeres mean a longer life.

Younger mind? 

Experienced meditators have brains that are on average 7.5 years younger than non meditators.

Meditation may reduce dementia risk.

How does meditation feel?

People use a range of words to describe what meditation feels like, including calm, serene, peaceful, and even blissful. Sometimes it feels like absolutely nothing, which may be best of all. The simple idea is that if you can stop the cacophony of your interior monologue, your “thinking,” for even a millisecond, you can start to derive benefits, which may be subtle at first, but grow as you practice.

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