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Our Testimonials

"Hailey has such a calming presence, speaking thoughtfully and with intention. This delivery style is key, as it really sets the right tone before and during the meditation. It serves as such a good reminder (in the middle of a busy day) of the benefits of slowing down and becoming more mindful and intentional :)"


Los Angeles

"Hailey is a fantastic leader. She has a great way about her and is very easy to follow no matter what level you are on. I always enjoy the time I spend with her!!"



“Hailey O’Hara, offered instruction and insight into how routine, patience and time can help unlock meditation’s potential. Even 5 minutes a day can help re-train our brains and the patterns that are pre-programmed in us. Thank you, Hailey! Thank you,!”



“meditatehere was an amazing introduction into the world of meditation and mindfulness! Well-structured and guided, it gave me the skills to use mediation as a personal, mental super-power!”

Eric S.

Analyst, Deloitte

“meditatehere is an amazing platform for introducing you to the practice of meditation. They make it easy, approachable and flexible to suit your schedule.” 

Camille Kennedy

Marketing Executive

“meditatehere helped me understand how to bypass the purposeless loop of thoughts that were taking up space in my head.  I very quickly went from my first mediation, to having a mind clearing tool that I can go back to time and time again.”

Duaine Crichton

Film Director

“I really enjoyed my meditatehere experience. Learning to integrate mediation into my work day has helped me feel calmer and more productive during a crazy time.”

Harriosn Neuart

Behavioral Designer

“This program was a great fit for me, especially with the pandemic happening. We need this more then ever, highly recommend!”


UI/UX Designer

“For the first time, it is easy for me to practice meditation and benefit from the effects more quickly and fully.
Hailey's teachings are simple, encouraging and inspiring. I feel like I have been given a fundamental tool that I can use throughout my work days to bring me energy, clarity, and authentic connection with others.”

Kelly J

Clinical Counsellor

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